How Fine Art Photography Prints can Transform your Interior Design

fine art photography prints

Whether you’re redecorating one room or hiring a professional designer to revamp your entire living space, you should not forget the details. By adding some fine art photography prints to your space, you add a focal point, color, contrast, texture and even harmony and unity.

Here I share a few interior design ideas for you to incorporate into your next remodel.

Select a focal point


This is the point of visual reference to which the eye always returns. Choosing a correct scale print for your space and help determine a focal point.

Add color and texture


Color is the creator of illusion and maker of mood and sets the tone for the accessories in the room. When choosing one of my fine art photography prints you can select complementary colors to fit your space.

If you want to play around with texture, you can shop the various options for wall art, including canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints or acrylic prints.

Balance harmony and unity throughout your design

fine art photography prints

Harmony refers to the blending of similar elements, while unity refers to the overall sense of belonging together. This is a goal, so keep it in mind as you add each new piece of furniture or accessory.

Have some variety!!  


Variety is the spice of life and the spice of interiors. Include variety within a single room as well as within a whole-house design.

Looking for some interior design ideas? Shop my interior design suggestions galleries here. 

If you purchase two or more prints I would be happy to offer you a 25% discount, just email me for a discount code.