Digital Paintings

Digital Art Photography


Angel Oak-Digital PaintingIf you read my very first post on this blog you will remember I started using a camera for my creative urges because I couldn’t paint. Now with the introduction of more and more digital software, one can create a myriad of “paintings” with this software. Currently, in my software collection I have Photoshop, Corel Paint It, Topaz Simplify, and Topaz Glow.¬† When I upload new photographs to my websites I invariably will “paint” the image with my software to see how it looks. Many times, I like the painterly effect better than the original image. So much so that I have created a Gallery entitled Digital Paintings.

Many will say it is cheating, or too easy, or fraud. I happen to love the way many images turn out and I think the effect is fine and I always identify the image as a digital painting. Ultimately, the decision is up to the viewer. What do you think?

I have posted five examples for which I have used different software. All are of original images that can be found elsewhere in my website. If you enjoy the samples pleas click on the images and you will be taken to my Digital Paintings gallery.